Few companies can compete with the knowledge and expertise acquired by working on special engineered projects with market-leading companies in the converting industries with the top coating systems. Experience is something gained by working closely with customers on complex projects both big and small. When it comes time to selecting the best coating machinery, you better believe you will be looking for that expert advice. We conducted an interview with one of Valco Melton’s coating experts to determine how to pick the best coating system.

Bob Taylor, Coating & Converting Expert, explained:

“Valco’s sales & engineering groups know the customer’s requirements and can offer specialized guidance on hot melt and cold glue adhesive coating for numerous substrates including paper, foil, film, foam, and release liner to the Label and converting industries.  From standard adhesive coating solutions to “turn-key” engineered coating solutions that can integrate into customers’ existing equipment or solve a specific problem, Valco Melton systems are proven to perform to the desired exact specifications. Our Engineered Products Group designs and manufactures high-performing coating stations to be incorporated into both existing production lines including retro-fitting into most label presses or new OEM supplied lines. These coating stations often include web control, tension control devices, nip roll configurations, and integration into existing control systems as required. This knowledge has come from valuable hands-on learning coupled with over 50 years in precision application.”

The ability to customize and design top coating machinery solutions to customer requirements combined with a standard fluid handling system with melt tank options from 10–600kg capacity and new high output drum unloaders and customized control systems provide a solid solution for single sourcing the customer’s complete adhesive coating application requirements.

Slot-die systems can be configured to apply coatings with zero scrap caused by unglued web following reel changeover or production stops.  Their unique re-circulating systems can be presented as an option to improve temperature stability for accuracy to existing Gravure coating systems. Valco’s systems coat at the highest precision with a wide range of adhesives such as PSA, UV hot melt, heat-seal adhesives, barrier adhesives or water-based acrylic emulsions.

Adhesive applicators that feature diverse configuration options to meet and exceed each user’s specific needs with customized coating widths, removable blade-sets for bi-directional coating and fast width/pattern changes along with manual or motorized width regulation and options for an integrated motorized bar for ultra-thin, streak-free adhesive coatings are often an important requirement, so make sure you test the equipment using the materials you know you will be running.

With a direct service and support to over 96 countries worldwide, Valco Melton has found great success in innovating leading coating equipment by working one on one with customers to find the right solution.  If you have questions about a new or existing coating machinery project, let us know.

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This article was edited from the original post made on September 1, 2011.