Valco Melton’s palletizing solution aims to reduce product damage and eliminate unnecessary costs associated with stretch film wrap usage.


In the dynamic landscape of product packaging and transportation, optimizing efficiency and minimizing costs are paramount. Valco Melton addresses these challenges with a palletizing solution designed to revolutionize the industry. By prioritizing product integrity and cost-effectiveness, their system aims to redefine the way we approach palletizing processes.


Benefits of Valco Melton’s Palletizing Solution:


·      Minimizes product damage and ensures secure stacking for transportation.

·      Efficient and cost-effective alternative to stretch wrap with anti-slip hot melt adhesive.

·      Reduces consumable costs by up to 80%, fostering a more sustainable supply chain.

·      Eliminates or reduces the need for carton corners, further lowering consumable usage.


These palletizing systems are particularly beneficial for PET bottle packages. While a minimal amount of stretch wrap may be required in specific cases to prevent dust contact, significant savings result from eliminating the use of intermediate carton liners between stacked bottle layers.


To prevent damage to corrugated boxes, sacks, or shrinkable film, Valco Melton’s systems utilize low tack adhesives. These adhesives allow products to be restacked multiple times without compromising their adhesion capabilities, eliminating the need to discard stretch wrap during restacking processes.


The complete solution includes a range of adhesive melters with different tank sizes to suit various process requirements and adhesive types. Hot melt applicators for dot, bead, or spray applications, along with a pattern control (external or integrated), complete the package for both new and existing palletizing lines. Importantly, the system remains independent of the production line, allowing it to be easily relocated without interrupting production during installation or subsequent moves.


Valco Melton’s commitment to minimizing product damage and streamlining costs through its innovative palletizing solution reflects a paradigm shift in the industry. With a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and adaptability, this system provides a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to palletizing processes. As industries evolve, embracing solutions like Valco Melton’s becomes essential for achieving a seamless and cost-efficient supply chain. packaging.