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If you’re in the market of using pressure sensitive adhesive with a deferred use seal machine for corrugated box products, folding cartons or envelopes with conventional paper converting machinery, it’s important to consider production speeds and volume when making the decision between a double sided transfer tape applicator system or a system that applies pressure sensitive adhesive followed by a covering release liner. Both double-sided transfer tape and pressure sensitive adhesive sealing systems with release liner get the job done, but which method completes the task most efficiently, while giving the highest quality product and the most cost-effective solution? I’d say it depends largely on a few things.

The pressure sensitive adhesive applied in ribbon, bead, or spray form during the converting process on the converting machine is deposited evenly onto the substrate surface. This process produces a much stronger bond than adhesive transfer tape systems. The release liner overlay can be customized for length and width coverage to off set the adhesive pattern thus providing the easy peel and seal feature that is not possible with transfer tape.


an image of valcomeltons sealtak system for adhesive sealing
Valco Melton’s Sealtak System for Adhesive Sealing.

By eliminating the need for excessive transfer tape roll changes, production significantly increases, while simultaneously decreasing down time and reducing material costs by 40% or more. The cost of buying bulk adhesive and bulk silicone paper is far less than the cost of transfer tape and is easier to inventory and store.

If you are looking for a more efficient process, a stronger bond, to reduce material cost, increase production, and decrease downtime, I’d suggest using the Valco Melton SealTak® deferred-use sealing equipment method. Just do the math and decide what makes the most sense for your company.

Learn more about how deferred-use sealing can help your business today by clicking here.

This just in! Another exciting happening has just recently been released to the public by Valco Melton.  You are hearing it here first!

I am excited to officially announce that Valco Melton, a world leading designer and international marketer of adhesive application equipment and quality assurance (QA) systems is pleased to announce the acquisition of ClearVision Technologies, Inc. of Vancouver, Canada.

ClearVision Technologies, Inc. has become the market leader in the development and engineering of vision-based inspection products for corrugated box manufacturing. Since 2004, ClearVision Technologies has extensively pioneered intelligent camera technologies for packaging markets and has developed a top-tier suite of solutions that have been leading the industry in bringing QA capabilities to new heights. ClearVision will now become a brand name of quality assurance (QA) solutions by Valco Melton.

The acquisition will complement the Valco Melton family of products, combining ClearVision Technologies’ expertise in vision systems with Valco Melton’s world-wide coverage for service and support. This acquisition is another example of Valco Melton’s continued commitment towards being the world leader in adhesive dispensing and QA systems. To learn more about our organization and vision for the future, we invite you to please contact us by visiting here.


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Valco Melton will display an impressive line of coating and converting technologies at the upcoming ICE Europe show in Munich, Germany, November 8-10. As the world’s leading event in conversion industries such as paper, film, foil, and nonwovens, ICE Europe is the ideal place to come and see leading companies like Valco Melton, display their latest, top-notch coating and converting equipment.

At this show, several notable products will be featured, including Valco Melton’s FlexCoat™ Head with standard slot and FlexCoat™ head with rotating bar technology. These two applicators offer extreme flexibility by supporting multiple adhesive application needs while reducing spare parts inventory and improving production efficiency.

Also on display will be one of Valco Melton’s latest Coating Cassettes. Designed to provide high precision adhesive application, these cassettes can process a great range of materials including textiles, papers, foams, and foil.  Finally, Valco Melton will feature one of their state of the art drum melters. These easy to install melters are user friendly and offer maximum reliability with minimal downtime.

Discover more by visiting Valco Melton at Hall B5, Stand 1016.  We look forward to seeing you there!  If you’d like to make an appointment now to visit with one of our expert sales engineers while at the show, you can easily do that today:

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What I’ve found through my research is that few companies can boast the knowledge and expertise that Valco Melton has acquired by working on special engineered projects with market leading companies in the coating and converting industries over the past number of years. When speaking with one of our Label, Coating & Converting Division Sales Experts, Bob Taylor, he explained that our sales & engineering groups have a skilled understanding of our customer’s requirements and can offer expert guidance on hot melt and cold glue adhesive coating on numerous substrates including paper, foil, film, foam, and release liner to the Label and converting industries.  From standard coating equipment to “turn-key” engineered solutions that can integrate into customers’ existing equipment or solve a specific problem, Valco Melton systems are proven to perform to the desired exact specifications. EasyCoat Adhesive Coating Station

Our Engineered Products Group designs and manufactures complete stations to be incorporated into both existing production lines including retro-fittings into most label presses or new OEM supplied lines. These stations often include web control, tension control devices, nip roll configurations and integration into existing control systems as required.

Our ability to customise and design solutions to customer requirements combined with our standard fluid handling systems, including melt tank options from 10–600kg capacity and new high output drum unloaders and customized control systems, provides the perfect solution for single sourcing the customer’s complete adhesive application requirements.

Valco Melton slot-die coating systems can be configured to apply coatings with zero scrap caused by unglued web following reel changeover or production stops.  Their unique re-circulating systems can be presented as an option to improve temperature stability for accuracy to existing Gravure coating systems.

Our systems also coat at the highest precision with a wide range of adhesives such as PSA, UV hot melt, heat-seal adhesives, barrier adhesives or water based acrylic emulsions.

And last, but certainly not least, our adhesive applicators feature diverse configuration options to meet and exceed each user’s specific needs with  customised coating widths, removable blade-sets for bi-directional coating and fast width / pattern changes along with manual or motorised width regulation and options for integrated motorised bar for ultra-thin, streak free adhesive coatings are all available.

Valco Melton supports its customers from over 70 countries worldwide through a network of direct sales and distributorships. It has been a leader in providing the most innovative gluing application and quality inspection systems since 1952. For questions, or to watch more about this now, click here.

-Laura Amend

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