If you are in the market of clear-to-clear applications, master roll transparent labeling, or flexible packaging applications, you are well aware of how vital uniform and streak-free coating is to producing a quality product. If you work with coating equipment, you also know that contaminants commonly trapped between the die and the substrate will cause damage to the coating surface.

Fortunately, rotating bar technology has been developed to specifically address this issue. By preventing even the smallest of contaminants from becoming trapped between the die and substrate, it virtually eliminates the risk of scratches to the coating surface. Coating equipment that integrates motorized bar technology is able to perform completely uniform, streak-free applications, no matter how small the adhesive grammage may be.

The coating industry today requires a unique and customized adhesive application. As a manufacturer, it is vital to have the coating machinery necessary to meet your specific needs. Each project requires a different width. Whether you require a narrow web or wide web adhesive application, it is important that you have the option to provide various coating widths. This not only gives you ultimate control over your application but also gives you the convenience to customize your coating application to your specific needs.

Valco Melton’s ProClear™ Coating Station can be configured to meet each user’s specific requirements and gives you a choice of three standard configurations. Even more, depending on each user’s specific needs, it can be constructed as a permanent fixture on an existing coating station or as a fully mobile cart to allow the existing line to be upgraded to include hot melt capabilities. With an extensive range of optional upgrade accessories, this type of Coating Station is adaptable to any project.

To learn more about how a coating station like the ProClear™ can help you achieve a streak-free, uniform coating today, or to learn more about which type of applicator configuration will best meet your specific requirements, click here.