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If you are in the market of clear-to-clear applications, master roll transparent labeling, or flexible packaging applications, you are well aware of how vital uniform and the streak-free coating is to producing a quality product. If you work with coating equipment, you also know that contaminants commonly trapped between the die and the substrate will cause damage to the coating surface.

Fortunately, rotating bar technology has been developed to specifically address this issue. By preventing even the smallest of contaminants from becoming trapped between the die and substrate, it virtually eliminates the risk of scratches to the coating surface. Coating equipment that integrates motorized bar technology is able to perform completely uniform, streak-free applications, no matter how small the adhesive grammage may be.

The ProCoat System by Valco Melton

The coating industry today requires a unique and customized adhesive application. As a manufacturer, it is vital to have the coating machinery necessary to meet your specific needs. Each project requires a different width. Whether you require a narrow web or wide web adhesive application, it is important that you have the option to provide various coating widths. This not only gives you ultimate control over your application but also gives you the convenience to customize your coating applied to your specific needs.

Valco Melton’s ProClear™ Coating Station can be configured to meet each user’s specific requirements and gives you a choice of three standard configurations. Even more, depending on each user’s specific needs, it can be constructed as a permanent fixture on an existing coating station or as a fully mobile cart to allow the existing line to be upgraded to include hot melt capabilities. With an extensive range of optional upgrade accessories, this type of Coating Station is adaptable to any project.

To learn more about how a coating station like the ProCoat™ can help you achieve a streak-free, uniform coating today, or to learn more about which type of applicator configuration will best meet your specific requirements, click here.

If you are a packing list envelope maker, you know that adding envelopes to corrugated boxes can use a lot of adhesive, consequently costing your company a great deal of money. If you could only decrease adhesive usage, you could not only decrease your production costs but also significantly improve your company’s efforts to work a little more eco-consciously. By adding an immediate competitive advantage, not to mention giving your brand something positive to talk about, this little “leg-up” can mean big stuff for your marketing and sales group and add big value to your brand. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to decrease their adhesive usage. Being that this is what we have been doing for the last 61 years, we have some information that can really help you out.

Generally speaking, the usual choice for adhesive dispensing onto the back of an envelope is to cover the entire surface. Naturally, it seems fail proof; so what more could you ask for? A lot actually. What most printing machinery, envelope makers, and coating manufacturers don’t know is that although this may seem like the right thing to do, it is unnecessary. Of course, this approach works and produces a reliable bond, but there is a better way; an approach that provides a bond equal in strength, but that uses a fraction of the amount of adhesive. This approach is called a window-frame pattern application.


By eliminating the need to cover the entire surface of the envelope with hot melt adhesive, and instead of applying the adhesive in window-frame patterns, you save up to 70% of your adhesive instantly. Coating equipment like Valco Melton’s FlexCoat™ applies adhesive intermittently using independent dosage from two separate channels. This ensures a constant and homogeneous grammage or coat-weight across the entire frame’s pattern. channel 1 dispenses a continuous and longitudinal application, while channel 2 dispenses an intermittent and perpendicular application.

Flexcoat Intermittent Coating

Valco Melton’s FlexCoat coating equipment is the best option for high-speed intermittent coating. The integrated against-roll mount assembly ensures that the coating head is accurately and consistently presented against its chromed back-up roller. After the backside of the envelope has been coated, the packing list envelope is sealed using a second system that applies a layer of adhesive onto the folded tab that will close and secure the envelope.

If you are looking to decrease adhesive usage and achieve instant adhesive savings of up to 70%, finding a coating station that can apply window-frame patterns is a great next step. If you would like to learn more about our coating equipment, you can read more here.



Businesses have been using labels to identify and ship their product since the late 1800s. Label making has advanced from the art of lithography to being able to print self-adhesive labels in the comfort of one’s own home. Today, the demand for label stock is higher than ever and many label converters do not own a coating station. Instead, they are buying their label stock pre-coated. What those people have not yet discovered is that there are three significant advantages to having their own coating station for label converting worth looking into.

The first and most important advantage is savings. Switching from pre-coated label stock to a coating station is much more cost-effective. The converter can mount the coating station to their press, coat their own pressure-sensitive label stock in-line, and now have control over the cost of their raw materials. This allows the converter to increase their margins on existing products.

The second advantage of a coating station is that it gives the user the option to perform multiple adhesive applications. Various coating widths and patterns are available with easily adjustable coating heads and interchangeable blades. A coating station offers an extensive range of accessories providing flexibility to the project.

Last but certainly not least, the third advantage of a coating station is reliability and consistency.  When the converter is in control of the coating process on their label stock, they can breathe easy knowing that the coating station will provide a continuous and reliable adhesive application for each project. Whether you are using hot melt adhesive application or cold glue, coating stations ensure consistency with each application.
Aside from bringing significant advantages to your production process, coating stations are easy to install and fully compatible with existing machinery. 

Learn more about what type of coating station might best fit your needs today by clicking here.

Valco Melton will display an impressive line of coating and converting technologies at the upcoming ICE Europe show in Munich, Germany, November 8-10. As the world’s leading event in conversion industries such as paper, film, foil, and nonwovens, ICE Europe is the ideal place to come and see leading companies like Valco Melton, display their latest, top-notch coating and converting equipment.

At this show, several notable products will be featured, including Valco Melton’s FlexCoat™ Head with standard slot and FlexCoat™ head with rotating bar technology. These two applicators offer extreme flexibility by supporting multiple adhesive application needs while reducing spare parts inventory and improving production efficiency.

Also on display will be one of Valco Melton’s latest Coating Cassettes. Designed to provide high precision adhesive application, these cassettes can process a great range of materials including textiles, papers, foams, and foil.  Finally, Valco Melton will feature one of their state of the art drum melters. These easy to install melters are user friendly and offer maximum reliability with minimal downtime.

Discover more by visiting Valco Melton at Hall B5, Stand 1016.  We look forward to seeing you there!  If you’d like to make an appointment now to visit with one of our expert sales engineers while at the show, you can easily do that today:

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