The new EcoStitch™ technology is focused on reaching adhesive usage optimization and downtime reduction, which results in significant economic savings.

Designed to operate in industrial hot melt applications, with a special focus on the food & beverage industries, Valco Melton’s EcoStitch™ technology ensures your cartons are glued more efficiently, more effectively and with much greater consistency. Featuring a hot melt applicator, a valve driver and an adhesive melter, the all-electric triad allows the manufacturing process to run without downtime and needless parts changes due to wear items.

EcoStitch™ guns offer fast cycle rates, long service life, and hard evidence to support adhesive savings of up to 70% by working in a “dot mode” glue pattern. Additionally, the use of less moving parts results in a reduction of up to 95% in maintenance downtime.


Featuring Ethernet IP integration and digital pressure control, EcoStitch melters do not require compressed air as they use precision gear pumps to deliver a constant adhesive flow.  Adhesive Usage Data is another innovative feature within the EcoStitch™ melters.  When equipped, all EcoStitch™ units monitor and measure the amount of hot melt adhesive being pumped through the system. The all-electric melter does not just calculate how much adhesive you use per hour, per day or per year, but also the average adhesive grams per product.

The VD2P valve driver allows easy and quick configuration of dot dimensions and gaps with no need of technical modifications. But the great innovation is that the driver adjusts the adhesive application to the line speed variations, guaranteeing that glue patterns are always precisely placed on the boxes.