Valco Melton’s Roller Coaters with modular design adapt to any adhesive application process over irregular, pre-cut or pre-shaped pieces.

Valco Melton’s Roller Coaters have been engineered to apply conventional thermoplastic or reactive adhesives to different kind of substrates delivered in irregular, pre-cut or pre-shaped pieces. A uniform, homogeneous coating is achieved, even when working with substrates with an uneven shape or surface, as well as in processes where there is a constant change in formats, shapes, positioning and/or number of pieces fed to the coater at a time.

The modular design of our roller coaters allows for the highest degree of customization, adapting to the specific production process requirements of each of our users and the industries they serve, from automotive components manufacturing to food packaging.

The modular elements available include a coating station to incorporate gluing capabilities to your production process, a pressure roller to guarantee full contact of the substrate against the coating roll, and different material feeding options, from manual feeding tables to fully automated conveyors.

Remote access is possible thanks to a PLC control with touch-screen panel and Ethernet connection.
As manufacturers of adhesive dispensing equipment since 1952, we can provide a comprehensive Roller Coater solution that covers every single step of the gluing process, including a selection of melters to work with different adhesive types, hoses, accessories and upgrades.