We have been selling and manufacturing adhesive dispensing equipment and cold glue or hot melt systems of all kinds since 1952. Through careful testing and repeated implementation around the world, we have experienced firsthand, why various systems outperform others.  In our latest post, we concluded that up to 75% of adhesive can be saved by implementing an all-electric hot melt glue system. Just to get the point across, this week we have uncovered 7 additional ways that an all-electric hot melt glue system is reshaping the packaging machinery, folding carton, and print finishing industries.

#1 – Fewer Plugged Nozzles:

Did you know that by using an all-electric system, you can use lower pressures to administer the adhesive from the hot melt glue gun? Well, you can! This means that the nozzle diameter can be increased. The larger the nozzle, the lower there is a chance for clogging. Maintenance requirements and any risk of downtime are virtually eliminated.

#2 – Safer Operation:

As you probably know, the high pressure required to operate a pneumatic system along with the high temperatures of the hot melt adhesive is a potential safety hazard. Fortunately, there is a better way… Because an all-electric system utilizes a gear pump, they are able to provide operators with a safer dispensing application and work environment.

#3 – Less Chances of Failure:

Electric gear pumps and electric valves utilize almost 90% less seals and additional parts required to run pneumatic pumps and valves. This practically eliminates the chance of failure caused by worn out or imperfect seals.

#4 – Any Pattern Configuration:

Electric hot melt glue systems can be easily configured to work on stitch mode through a pattern control to produce any pattern larger than 1/8” in length (3mm), with exact start and stop placement and virtually without stringing. Pattern size is not affected by pumping rate limitations as often occurs with pneumatic systems.

#5 – Longer Valve Life:

By using electric hot melt glue guns, the lifespan of a valve module can reach up to 300 million cycles with slight variations, depending on the type of adhesive used. What that means for the user are easy savings and less hassle.

#6 – Reduced Maintenance:

The most frequent downtime on packaging machinery involves changing failed pneumatic glue modules, plugged nozzles and solenoids. Switching to electric guns eliminates the need for gun solenoids and modules that can be soiled and worn with a dirty, wet, and sometimes inconsistent air supply. As a result, maintenance requirements are reduced to a minimum level.

#7 – Minimal Spare Parts Stock:

With fewer moving parts virtually eliminating the chances of failure, the spare parts stock is reduced to a minimum, resulting in lower investment, storage costs, and downtime associated with the replacement of parts.