The new energy-efficient Kube with a range of alternative products to reduce plastic usage will be displayed at our booth C59 (Hall 5) at Ipack-Ima, on the next 3-6th May.


Valco Melton launches at Ipack-Ima the new Kube Series adhesive dispensers which lead a new generation of energy-efficient melters that optimize the heating process. Its improved insulation minimizes energy lost. The optional automatic adhesive feeding system prevents charring and optimizes the time the adhesive stays in the tank.


In addition to the new Kube series, visitors will be able to see a live demonstration of the all-electric EcoStitch applicator, well-known in the packaging industry for its long service life and efficiency. Based on a precise adhesive dispensing control, it produces accurate adhesive dot patterns and reduces adhesive usage by up to 75%. In high-speed lines, EcoStitch pays for itself in less than 3 months.


Companies looking for alternatives for a more sustainable production will find innovative solutions that reduce the use of plastic or that replace it with paper or other more sustainable substrates. With a vast trajectory in the cold glue, hot melt, and laminating technologies, Valco Melton collaborates with packaging companies to figure out new strategies to reduce or eliminate fossils materials. In addition to gluing solutions, the new palletizing system enables the stabilization of pallets using hot melt instead of stretch film, reducing drastically costs and plastic usage. For more information, stop by our booth C59 (Hall 5) at Ipack-Ima or visit the website