Valco Melton is pleased to announce that its EcoStitch™ Technology is one of four finalists of the 2019 Sustainability Awards, in the “Machinery” category.

These independently judged awards, accredited by the World Packaging Organization, honor six companies that have developed a solution with a positive impact on different areas of packaging innovation. More specifically, the “Machinery” category, for which EcoStitch Technology has been nominated, recognizes changes in engineering that have increased production line environmental efficiencies.

Valco Melton’s EcoStitch hot melt package sealing solution is bringing innovation, sustainability, and lower carbon footprints to the end-of-the-line packaging process. EcoStitch technology is an all-electric, hot melt gluing solution that eliminates compressed air and all dynamic wear seals used in traditional pneumatic glue systems. All EcoStitch solutions focus on reducing the adhesive usage on each product from 35% to as much as 75%, increasing production speeds and eliminating the need for compressed air and no wear parts requiring preventive or routine maintenance. Valco Melton is the world leader in all-electric gluing solutions that make an immediate impact in lowering the carbon footprint of any manufacturing facility for which it is integrated. Whether it’s providing more sustainability through a reduction in compressed air, reduction in materials used to produce products, or the elimination of parts and downtime, the Valco Melton EcoStitch solution is disrupting the package sealing marketplace in a significant and impactful way.

As explained in the Sustainability Awards website, these awards “set the agenda on best practice, turn the spotlight on the most important areas of R&D, and help separate greenwash from the innovations that make a genuine difference.” At Valco Melton, we are proud to be part of this event, as we feel it recognizes our ongoing efforts in developing more sustainable solutions for the multiple industries we serve. We are looking forward to the Award Ceremony, scheduled for September 25 at the FachPack Show in Nuremberg, Germany.