Valco Melton’s IsoMelt and IsoMelt Plus Series have been redesigned to achieve the highest melting rates on applications requiring the use of PUR adhesives. This includes, but is not limited to, the automotive, textile, product assembly, woodworking and PVC industries.

This unbeatable melting capacity comes as a result of a newly developed melting grid design, which makes our IsoMelt units the PUR melters with the highest melting rates in the industry.

Engineered to process reactive hot melts such as PUR, IsoMelt units feature an air-tight tank lid and dry air blanket, which prevents moisture from reaching the adhesive and affecting its properties. Alternatively, IsoMelt Series melters may work with EVA or APAO. The round, Teflon® coated tanks allow for fast and easy cleaning operations, as well as changes between adhesives types, with no adhesive degradation.

IsoMelt Plus Series are ideally suited for working with PUR when no adhesive changes are required. Melt on demand technology eliminates degradation problems by ensuring only the necessary amount of adhesive is melted every time.

To simplify PUR handling, the slug goes directly into the tank, without the need to unwrap the foil cover. As the pneumatic cylinder moves down and presses the slug, the wrapping foil makes the tank hermetic, preserving adhesive properties.
Furthermore, all IsoMelt Plus Units include a touch-screen control panel with Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP communication protocols as standard.

Both IsoMelt & IsoMelt Plus units feature a tiltable tank and a removable grid, which simplifies cleaning and maintenance tasks for the operator.