Valco Melton, a leading provider of adhesive application solutions, is pleased to invite visitors to explore the innovative EcoStitchTM all-electric gluing technology at the PPMA 2023 exhibition (Stand C72). Renowned in the packaging industry for its longevity and efficiency, EcoStitch offers a live demonstration that showcases its precise adhesive dispensing control and superior performance.


Based on a precise adhesive dispensing control, EcoStitch hot melt applicator produces accurate adhesive dot patterns resulting in a significant reduction of up to 75% in adhesive usage. Particularly on high-speed lines, the EcoStitch system proves its worth, with a payback period of less than three months. Due to the electric technology, EcoStitch minimizes the need for consumable wear parts, substantially reducing downtime associated with valve failures and repairs. Additionally, the cost of purchasing replacement parts is remarkably reduced, up to 95%, ensuring cost-effective and sustainable gluing operations.


In conjunction with the innovative hot melt applicator, the new EcoStitch™ melter series is Valco Melton’s most intelligent, versatile, and technologically advanced adhesive melter. Innovative features include Ethernet IP integration, digital pressure control, adhesive usage data available on screen and full OEM integration with all digital based data. EcoStitch™ melters do not require compressed air and use precision gear pumps to deliver adhesive in a constant, reliable and repeatable fashion. There are 4 pump size options on all EcoStitch melters to fit specific application requirements.


Furthermore, companies seeking alternative gluing solutions will find an array of automatic and manual applicators at Stand C72. Valco Melton’s team of experts will be on hand to engage in productive discussions and offer valuable insights into optimizing adhesive application processes.