Cincinnati, OH, January 2018 – 

With growing manufacturing and industrial opportunities, Valco Melton is working to support the development of a new generation of industrial machining professionals. In conjunction with Butler Tech – ColerainButler Tech – Fairfield, and the Diamond Oaks Campus in Ohio, Valco Melton has been working to open doors for high school students to return to skilled trades. The intent is to give students exposure to machining environments and to help them develop the critical skills to land high-paying positions in the manufacturing sector.

Valco Melton is proud to support the development of new machining and manufacturing wizards who will help produce new products that will make the world’s economy grow and help design new industrial systems to take global manufacturing to higher levels in the future. According to Sherman Smith who supervises the machine shop, “Our students enter the shop with good head-knowledge but having only practiced with small projects. After a year of working at Valco Melton, they see how dynamic the manufacturing environment is and how the Trigonometry, Geometry and visualization skills apply on a daily basis. They also build an appreciation for the drive required to improve manufacturing programming, tooling, methods, and equipment in order to produce more complex products at a quicker rate. When matched with our skilled mentors, this next generation becomes productive very quickly.”
News about this program was recently featured on Cincinnati’s  9 News – WCPO:  Why Local Manufacturers Want to Hire Teenagers