June 2008

Since the 2006 acquisition of Melton, S.L.U. based out of Navarra , Spain , the Valco Cincinnati Corporation has become a global leader in cold gluing and hot melt application parts and systems. By offering a competitive line of hot melt compatible parts and systems, this business innovation has broken barriers for customers across the globe. With continuing expansion, the sales and support network has been increased to serve customer needs in over 52 countries worldwide. Through a dedicated network of distributors and direct offices, as well as a number of manufacturing facilities, Valco and Melton products continue to push forward with success. With this continuing growth, the Valco Cincinnati Corporation has officially named its gluing & quality assurance business Valco Melton to simplify customer needs. By bringing the Melton hot melt and Valco cold glue product lines under one business name worldwide, now serving as a complete solution for both of your hot melt and cold gluing needs. With over 55 years of gluing equipment application experience, you can be certain that you are receiving the best in innovative solutions, technology, and a competitive quality product. To find out more information, contact us here.

Shure-Glue Systems, Inc. is named Valco Melton’s USA Hot Melt Division

As of January 2008, Shure-Glue Systems Inc., the Valco Cincinnati Corporation’s USA located hot melt equipment company, was officially named Valco Melton as well. Their product line will now fall under the Melton line of hot melt products. The merging of the two hot melt lines has been streamlined to create a better, more advanced product range for its customers. With increased research, development, quality, and engineering efforts, Melton products have taken the very best of Shure-Glue to continue in its upward trend in worldwide innovation.

VanSco Products serves as the West Coast Direct Office

VanSco Products, another of Valco Cincinnati’s cold gluing companies with over 45 years of cold gluing expertise, now also serves as the Valco Melton USA West Coast direct office and support center to provide the complete line of Valco Cincinnati Corporation’s hot melt and cold gluing solutions. VanSco continues to provide alternative quality cold gluing solutions for a range of industry sectors through a dedicated distributor and direct service network worldwide.