The new subsidiary will streamline “time to market” operations, and enhance customer service and support to better meet the adhesive dispensing needs of customers across the packaging, converting and print finishing industries.

Valco Melton, a world-leading manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment and quality assurance systems, is pleased to announce the consolidation of GMS and VanSco Products into a new subsidiary, GMS-VanSco. The integration will leverage operating efficiencies between the two subsidiaries, streamlining production and manufacturing, and enhancing customer service and support. All of VanSco Product’s operations, including its heavy machining department, will be moving from South El Monte, CA to the GMS offices in Petaluma, CA.

The convergence will optimize business operations by expanding warehouse and production facilities to increase speed-to-market, and further reduce cost with an additional improvement in quality.

Customers will also have access to a broader range of adhesive dispensing solutions. The exposure of VanSco and GMS’ distribution networks to their respected product lines will help grow the existing customer base, and increase revenue and market presence by providing additional channels for sales and distribution.

“This integration is a natural progression for us to maximize growth,” said Tom DeVito of GMS (microglue®). “Consolidating operations and sharing industry knowledge will enhance GMS-VanSco’s ability to respond to changing customer needs and industry demands. With our West Coast location being well positioned for potential future expansion of international business, we’re looking forward to what lies ahead in this new chapter.”

Fred van Loben Sels of VanSco Products echoed similar sentiments, “GMS and VanSco’s corporate cultures complement each other very well. We have built long-term success on the ability to deliver a superior product at an affordable cost, without making business interactions complicated.  This will carry over into GMS-VanSco. We are excited about the opportunities this will bring to our customers and business partners.”

GMS-VanSco will operate as Valco Melton’s West Coat office. Contact details can be found below.

GMS-VanSco Contact Information:
Tom DeVito
1310 Redwood Way
Suite B
Petaluma, California 94954
Phone: (707) 285-3392