ClearCut enclosed solution is designed to avoid degradation problems commonly associated with roller application systems in wood sealing and edgebanding processes. Valco Melton’s system applies glue only when needed, controlling its exact amount and placement, with no risk of glue excess on board edges. The enclosed system makes ClearCut the ideal solution for working with PUR adhesive.

The precision and consistency achieved by the ClearCut applicator results in a flawless end-product, minimizing material and adhesive waste by up to 30%, thus improving operations’ environmental footprint.

By incorporating a specially designed bracket, ClearCut adhesive applicator can adapt to every specific process or machinery needs. Either way, manual or motorized width adjustment options are available.

The limited installation space available on specific edgebander models requires a different applicator format. To solve this common issue, Valco Melton has developed three applicator versions: Standard, Slim, and Zero, each designed to fit into different constricted space requirements.