The new Kube melter upgrades your production energy efficiency by optimizing the heating process. Thanks to its improved insulation, the new Kube minimizes energy lost to the environment. This translates into economic savings and more sustainable operations.

Fully compatible with other previous market standards, it features up to 8 outputs with a simple electrical and hydraulic connection of peripherals for enhanced flexibility. Its design incudes different sizes and melting capacities providing the best configuration for each manufacturing process. In addition, the unit features a fully integrated, automatic adhesive feeding system that prevents charring and optimizes the time the adhesive stays in the tank.

As an option, FlexFlow Control upgrade records the total adhesive consumption to avoid deviations from set values and to optimize the amount of glue per product.

Developed by Valco Melton, the new Kube melter can work with VMConnect. With this upgrade, an authorized connection through KubeCloud allows Valco Melton’s experts to monitor specific operation parameters to proactively propose recommended maintenance, eliminating unprogrammed downtimes.