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Maintain Gluing Efficiency Even as Temperatures Drop

Cold Glue Systems in Cold Weather

December 22 might mark the first official day of winter, but chances are you’re already experiencing those colder temperatures, and so is your production area. Just a few degrees drop in ambient temperature at the machine can cause major problems with the viscosity of water-based, cold glue adhesives.

Luckily, warming hose kits offer a pretty simple fix for maintaining constant adhesive viscosity, helping ensure your cold glue systems are functioning properly when the mercury falls.

Here’s How It Works:

All cold glue systems are temperature sensitive. In fact, standard cold glues can change in viscosity by up to 2% for every 2° F (approximately 1° C) temperature change, or in some cases, even more. Such changes in viscosity result in an inconsistent adhesive flow, and in turn, can lead to lost production and poor product quality.

Specifically in the winter as temperatures drop, adhesive viscosity increases and can reach a point where the system cannot function properly, or in a worst-case scenario, quit working altogether.

To combat this, cold glue warming hose kits are used to maintain the adhesive at the correct operating temperature, ensuring constant adhesive viscosity for proper system operation. No matter how cold the plant gets, the adhesive temperature and viscosity remain stable.

Benefits of Cold Glue Warming Hose Kits

The benefits of using heated hoses for cold glue application include:

  • Allows for very stable adhesive viscosity year around
  • Fully operational glue valves
  • Reduces product waste due to improper adhesive volume
  • Uses less energy than needed to heat the area around the machine
  • Easily adapts to nearly any existing installation/application

Maintain Consistent Cold Glue Adhesive Viscosity

If you’re operating in factory conditions where ambient temperatures can fall below what is recommended for adhesive application, these warming hose kits offer an efficient and cost-effective method to help guarantee your cold glue systems are operating at full capacity this winter.

If you’d like to learn more, speak with one of our product specialists today by clicking here.

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